After 60 years, it‘s time for a change.

What is respiratory_care v2.0?

Digital technology is already changing healthcare, and when it comes to respiratory care, Teva’s goal is to be at the forefront. Our new connected system aims to lead the integration of meaningful real-world data into care, with the potential to deliver clinical and economic benefits.

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What is connected data?

Connected data comes from the integration of healthcare devices, software and Electronic Health or Medical Records.

It connects patients, caregivers and healthcare providers with previously unseen actionable data.

A patient doctor consultation

We want to connect patient and provider; enabling more informed conversations through real-world connected data.

The global challenge of asthma and COPD

Inadequately controlled asthma and COPD place a major burden on patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems. Inadequate control is often unrecognised and underestimated, and the reasons behind it can be difficult to uncover. The impact of inhaler adherence and technique on disease control is well-known, but how and when patients use their inhalers is often not.

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A woman using her inhaler

334 million
people are currently living with asthma1


  1. Global burden of disease due to asthma. Available at: Accessed: September 2017