Asthma Stories: Ongoing Monitoring

Can you remember how many times you’ve made a cup of coffee in the past month, or even three months? Or how many times you’ve read the news?

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People living with inadequately controlled asthma have to try to recall this level of information every time they see their HCP. It’s no wonder they struggle to remember how many times they’ve used their inhaler, how often they experienced symptoms, or what potential triggers they’ve come across.

In the second chapter of our Asthma Stories series, we spoke to three real people with asthma to find out the issues they have had in terms of monitoring their disease, as well as Dr Fabio Giron from Weill Cornell Medicine, to discover the challenges many HCPs have faced with ongoing asthma management.


HCPs may be forced to make treatment decisions using incomplete information; having to rely on their patients’ memory to determine how often they’ve been using their inhaler, and whether their treatment is truly working for them. If more accurate information on inhaler use was available, both HCPs and patients alike could gain a more complete picture of asthma management, and use this to determine the best next course of action.

At Teva, we are at the forefront of making this a reality for the millions of people living with asthma and their HCPs. Stay informed with the latest information on our vision for the future of respiratory care, with our monthly updates.