Asthma Stories: Treatment Initiation

Imagine being given flat-pack furniture, and having to build it at home—without any instructions. How would you know if you’re doing it right?

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Well, this mirrors our current expectations for people with asthma. After diagnosis, they are expected to operate in the dark, as we expect them to immediately use their inhalers correctly at home. But if they’ve been prescribed multiple inhalers, each to be taken at a different time of day, with a unique way of using it, how will they know if they’re getting it right?

In the first chapter of our Asthma Stories series, we spoke to three real people with asthma to find out the challenges they have faced since starting inhaler therapy, as well as Dr Fabio Giron from Weill Cornell Medicine, to discover the worries many HCPs have when prescribing that first inhaler treatment.


Both people with asthma and their HCPs are in the dark about whether inhalers are being used correctly. The precise technique needed is not instinctive. If users received a clear confirmation on the success of their inhalation, they could feel confident in knowing that they were getting the technique right, and that the medication was being inhaled properly.

At Teva, we are at the forefront of making this a reality for the millions of people living with asthma and their HCPs. Stay informed with the latest information on our vision for the future of respiratory care, with our monthly updates, and discover more in the next chapter of our series, Asthma Stories: ongoing monitoring.

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