Innovation and education: Teva in 2017

A summary of Teva Respiratory’s activities in 2017.

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2017 has been a busy year for Teva Respiratory. We have talked knowledge. We have talked respiratory. We have listened to patients, healthcare professionals, payers and innovators — because cooperative working leads to better outcomes.

Innovating with experts

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide solutions to today’s healthcare challenges, Teva hosted an innovator’s board in April this year. We invited leaders from within the connected health landscape to share thoughts on how we can best meet the needs of respiratory patients that are currently unserved by available treatment options.

Listening, learning, teaching

Teva representatives met with over 3000 physicians at the ERS International Congress in Milan. We learned what delegates believe to be the greatest unmet needs in the treatment of asthma and COPD, and what we can do to improve the lives of people living with respiratory disease. We informed discussion on the current and future landscapes of respiratory medicine, with our sponsored symposium, chaired by Professor Peter Barnes, on new approaches and technologies in respiratory care.

Sharing our vision

In October, Teva were present at the Connected Health Conference in Boston. We attended alongside Fitbit, Philips, the American Medical Association and over 2000 other healthcare providers and technology companies. Our Head of Digital Health, Dr Yechiel Engelhard, discussed collaboration between pharma and tech with leading minds at the Conference’s Life Sciences and MedTech Roundtable. Dr Engelhard also shared Teva’s vision for the future of respiratory care with a keynote talk on how medicine and technology should work together to overcome the growing burden of chronic diseases such as asthma.

Raising awareness

Do you know that 8/10 people make at least one error when using their inhaler?1

Throughout 2017 we continued our #GetItRight campaign in Europe. #GetItRight aims to raise awareness of issues with inhaler technique by highlighting that inhaler technique errors are not easy to spot, and technique needs to be revisited regularly.

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Teva In 2018

In January, Teva attended the 9th annual Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas as part of the Consumer Electronics Show. Dr. Yechiel Engelhard, Teva’s Head of Digital Health, shared why and how Teva are moving into the digital health space.

The event marked the first of many opportunities Teva will take in 2018 to connect with patients, caregivers and healthcare providers. It is only when we all work together, that Teva can transform healthcare and help people live better days.


  1. Arora P et al. Respir Med 2014; 108: 992–998.
A speech bubble illustration with the text ‘Teva in 2017’

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