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Teva and IBM Watson Health

Discover why Teva are expanding their partnership with IBM Watson for the future of healthcare.

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In the last decade there have been significant advances in the amount of data we generate and collect on a daily basis, as well as in our ability to analyse and understand it. Almost every industry is beginning to collect and analyse large volumes of consumer-generated information known as ‘big data’ with a view to uncovering trends and patterns that can impact efficiency. Healthcare is no different; big data is now being used to predict epidemics, cure disease, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths.

At Teva, we understand the potential of big data, and have subsequently expanded our existing partnership with IBM to embark on an exciting research collaboration that integrates with the Watson Health Cloud. The partnership involves combining Teva’s therapeutic technologies with IBM Watson’s cognitive computing, to enable people with chronic disease, healthcare providers, and payers to better understand and control chronic conditions, and track treatments.

The collaboration will combine cloud-connected drug delivery and app technology, with more than six billion data points processed by Watson, to provide actionable insights. Using the cognitive processing capabilities and newly developed algorithms of the Watson Health Cloud, Teva aim to calculate the prospective risk of events such as asthma attacks. This information could ultimately be provided directly to people with chronic disease and their caregivers, via an app or other software interface, to enable predictive and preventative medicine.