Yechiel Engelhard at HIMSS 2018

What might data teach us in Respiratory care?

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Photograph of Dr Yechiel Engelhard
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At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in Las Vegas, our Head of Digital Health Dr. Yechiel Engelhard explored some of the ways in which new data and technology are already having an impact on how we manage respiratory care.

From informing patients and providers about issues with adherence to the potential for identification of patients experiencing problems with disease control, his talk examined some of the problems specific to asthma and COPD care and the opportunities that new initiatives offer both patients and healthcare professionals. Going beyond this, the discussion also explored the limitations of the current initiatives and the potential for future innovation alongside Teva’s vision
and commitment to respiratory_care v2.0.

An exciting event with great speakers, we look forward to the next conference!

Photograph of Dr Yechiel Engelhard

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